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Autor Heyde, Kris

Título Basic ideas and concepts in nuclear physics : an introductory approach / K. Heyde

Publicación Bristol [etc.] : Institute of physics, 1999
Ubicación Signatura Tipo de préstamo Estado Notas
 B. Ciencias. Física/Química-Depósito  SL 0-32    PRÉSTAMO LARGO  DISPONIBLE
 Ciencias.Física/Química-Física Teórica  FT 38-HEY    CONSULTAR DEPT  DISPONIBLE
Edición 2nd ed.
Descripción física XX, 524 p. : il. ; 25 cm
Colección Graduate Student Series in Physics
Bibliografía Referencias bibliográficas: p. 505-516
Contiene: PART A. KNOWING THE NUCLEUS: THE NUCLEAR CONSTITUENTS AND CHARACTERISTICS -- 1. Nuclear global properties -- 2. General nuclear radioactive decay properties and transmutations -- Problem set. Part A -- PART B. NUCLEAR INTERACTIONS: STRONG, WEAK AND ELECTROMAGNETIC FORCES -- 3. General methods -- 4. Alpha-decay: the strong interaction at work -- 5. Beta-decay: the weak interaction at work -- 6. Gamma decay: the electromagnetic interaction at work -- Problem set. Part B -- PART C. NUCLEAR STRUCTURE: AN INTRODUCTION -- 73 The liquid drop model approach: a semi-empirical method -- 8. The simplest independent particle model: the Fermi-gas model -- 9. The nuclear shell model -- Problem set. Part C -- PART D. NUCLEAR STRUCTURE: RECENT DEVELOPMENTS -- 10. The nuclear mean-field: single-particle excitations and global nuclear properties -- 11. The nuclear shell model: including the residual interactions -- 12. Collective modes of motion -- 13. Deformation in nuclei: shapes and rapid rotation -- 14. Nuclear physics at the extremes of stability: weakly bound quantum systems and exotic nuclei -- 15. Deep inside the nucleus: subnuclear degrees of freedom and beyond -- 16. Outlook: the atomic nucleus as part of a larger structure -- A. Units and conversion between various unit systems -- B. Spherical tensor properties -- C. Second quantization. An introduction -- References -- Index
Materia Física nuclear
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Autor secundario Institute of Physics (Gran Bretaña), ed.
ISBN 0750305347
0750305355 (Pbk)