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Mark   Año Entradas
Efemérides y comentarios : (1952-1954)   1955 1
Efemérides zaragozanas   1941 1
Defensas de Cartagena y su bahía : estudio, catalogación y planos   2002 1
Sefer ha-Tequfah. Inglés   2013 1
Efesíacas   3
Efesíacas. Español-Griego   2017 1
Efeso o Gerusalemme : tomba della S. S. Vergine o luogo della "Dormizione"   1951 1
Éfeso, síntesis de Grecia y Roma   2012 1
L'effect Gutenberg   1994 1
Effect of altitude of hose line and head on performance of forest-fire pumping units   1950 1
Effect of biomass growth on the hydrodynamic properties of groundwater aquifers   2000 1
Effect of burn-up and high burn-up structure on spent nuclear fuel alteration : Special Contract 2 o   2009 1
Effect of carbohydrates on lipid metabolism   1973 1
Effect of carotid artery surgery on cerebral blood flow : clinical and experimental studies   1976 1
The effect of continuity and order-book visibility on the liquidity distribution of a market   1992 1
Effect of diet supplemntation on visual appearance of lamb     1
The effect of dietary fat upon the serum lipid fractions   1960 1
The effect of diethylstilbestrol upon the performance of pasture-fed zebu steers   1971 1
Effect of drying temperature on quality of wheat   1954 1
Effect of electric fields on enzymes and food constituents     1
The effect of emission permits and pigouvian taxes on market structure   2001 1
The effect of employment protection legislation and financial market imperfections on investment : e   2009 1
Effect of environment on nutrient requirements of domestic animals   1981 1
The effect of ethyl-p-chlorophenoxyisobutyrate "CPIB" on the release of free fatty acids   1967 1
Spectroscopic and group theoretical methods in physics : Racah memorial volume / Edited by F. Bloch /   1968 1
The effect of family background on children's level of chooling attainment in Spain   1997 1
The effect of feed grade animal fat (FGAF) in liquid feeding for swine   197-? 1
The effect of foreign service on trade volumes and trade partners   2008 1
Effect of freezing method on lamb acceptability     1
The effect of immigrant admission criteria on immigrant labour market characteristics   1996 1
The effect of immigration on the employment opportunities of native-born workers : some evidence for   2004 1
The effect of independent taxation on the welfare of British married women   2
The effect of index selection for body weight in mice on reproductive performance and maternal influ   1981 1
The effect of institutions on European housing markets : an economic analysis   2010 1
The Effect of Liquidity on the Price Discovery Process in Credit Derivatives Markets in Times of Fin   2010 1
Effect of molar shifts on state functions -- / 8.  c1997 1
Effect of nutrient deficiencies in animal   1978 1
Effect of nutrition on follicle development and ovulation rate in the ewe   2003 1
Effect of operating conditions on the production of CNT's by CCVD of acetylene     1
The effect of outplacement on unemployment duration in Spain   2007 1
The effect of participative budgeting on job performance and job satisfaction with locus-of-control   1994 1
Effect of particle size in the thermal decomposition of pine wood     1
The effect of poisons on the first stage BTX hydrogenation catalyst   2005 1
The effect of political risk on foreign direct investment in less developed countries framing the pr   1985 1
The effect of prison sentence lenght on the subsequent employment and earnings of criminal defendant   1999 1
The effect of process variables on sludge floc formation and settling characteristics   1966 1
The effect of public capital in state-level production functions reconsidered   1993 1
The effect of public infraestructures on the private productive sector of spanish regions   2001 1
Effect of pulsed electric field treatments on permeabilization and extraction of carotenoids from "C     1
The effect of selected cleaning techniques on Berkshire Lee marble a scientific study at Philadelphi   2002 1
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