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245 00 Contemporary trauma narratives :|bliminality and the 
       ethics of form /|cedited by Susana Onega and Jean-Michel 
260    New York [etc.] :|bRoutledge,|c2014 
300    IX, 253 p. ;|c24 cm 
440  0 outledge interdisciplinary perspectives on literature ;
504    Bibliografía 
520    This book provides a comprehensive compilation of essays 
       on the relationship between formal experimentation and 
       ethics in a number of generically hybrid or "liminal" 
       narratives dealing with individual and collective traumas,
       running the spectrum from the testimonial novel and the 
       fictional autobiography to the fake memoir, written by a 
       variety of famous, more neglected contemporary British, 
       Irish, US, Canadian, and German writers. Building on the 
       psychological insights and theorizing of the fathers of 
       trauma studies (Janet, Freud, Ferenczi) and of 
       contemporary trauma critics and theorists, the articles 
       examine the narrative strategies, structural 
       experimentations and hybridizations of forms, paying 
       special attention to the way in which the texts fight the 
       unrepresentability of trauma by performing rather than 
       representing it. The ethicality or unethicality involved 
       in this endeavor is assessed from the combined 
       perspectives of the non-foundational, non-cognitive, 
       discursive ethics of alterity inspired by Emmanuel Levinas,
       and the ethics of vulnerability. This approach makes 
       "Contemporary trauma narratives" an excellent resource for
       scholars of contemporary literature, trauma studies and 
       literary theory 
650 04 Trauma emocional en la literatura 
650 04 Moral en la literatura 
650 16 en la literatura 
700 1  Onega, Susana,|eed. lit.|6(UZ) 
700 1  Ganteau, Jean-Michel,|eed. lit. 
774 0  Onega, Susana.|6(UZ)|tHybridity, montage, and the 
       rhetorics and ethics of suffering in Anne Michaels's 
       "Fugitive pieces"|wb17038054  
774 0  Onega, Susana.|6(UZ)|tIntroduction: Performing the Void: 
       Liminality and the Ethics of Form in Contemporary Trauma 
774 0  Pellicer-Ortín, Silvia.|6(UZ)|t"Separateness" and 
       connectedness" : generational trauma and the ethical 
       impulse in Anne Karpf's "The War after : living wit the 
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