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Autor Fábregas, Antonio

Título Morphology : from data to theories / Antonio Fábregas and Sergio Scalise

Publicación Edinburgh : Edinburgh University Press, 2012
Ubicación Signatura Tipo de préstamo Estado Notas
 B.Filosofía-Sala Especializada  801.53/FABR    PRÉSTAMO LARGO  DISPONIBLE
Descripción física xii, 209 p. : il. ; 24 cm
Colección Edinburgh advanced textbooks in linguistics
Bibliografía Bibliografía: p. 190-205
Nota Índices
Resumen: "This textbook discussing morphology and its processes within a general framework that will incorporate the most recent developments in the field, but also in their relation with syntax, lexical semantics and phonology. It pays particular attention to the debate between lexicalism and constructionism, and provides open activities designed to help students start their own original research and stimulate their own thinking over the morphology of their languages beyond what is usually described in published works. This approach is particularly important because many textbooks ignore some of the most recent developments in syntax when it comes to defining the place of morphology and the lexicon in the architecture of grammar or to providing evidence about the existence of morphology as an independent module. This textbook discusses developments in Construction Grammar and in the Minimalist Program which have helped reframe the discussion about the Lexical Integrity Hypothesis and related issues. By presenting the latest theories and highlighting the current challenges in morphology, upper level undergraduate and postgraduate students will find this textbook an invigorating and inspiring resource."--Publisher's website
Contiene: Morphology: definitions and basic concepts. What is morphology? ; Its object of study ; Morphology's place in grammar ; Differences between the lexicon and morphology ; Classes of morphemes ; Classes of affixes ; Subdivisions of morphology ; Inflection ; Word formation: derivation and compounding ; The spell out of morphemes ;Allomorphy ; Productivity. -- Morphological units. Morphemes ; Words ; The debate on the existence of morphemes ; Replacive and substractive morphology ; Mismatches between grammatical features and their exponents ; Cranberry morphemes ; Priscianic word formation ; Paradigmatic motivation of meaning ; Other units ; Roots and stems ; Constructions ; Templates ; Correlations between morphemes and morphs and morphological typology. -- Morphological structures. The motivation for morphological structures ; Evidence in favour of word internal structure ; The properties of morphological structures ; The concept of head ; The position of the head ; Binary branching ; Arguments against morphological structures ; A-morphous morphology ; Exocentricity ; Bracketing paradoxes ; Double base ; Parasynthesis. -- Inflectional processes. Properties of inflection ; Inflection and grammatical categories ; A comparison of five languages ; Non-inflected categories: prepositions, conjunctions and adverbs ; Desinences and theme vowels in grammar ; The status of gender and the notion of desinence ; Theme vowels ; Paradigms ; Syncretism ; Defectivity ; Suppletion ; Patterns of irregularity. -- Derivational processes. Properties of derivation ; Category changes ; ; Nominalisations ; Verbalisations ; Adjectivalisations ; Semantic changes ; Category cha
Materia Gramática comparada y general -- Morfología
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Autor secundario Scalise, Sergio
ISBN 9780748643134 (pbk.)