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100 1  Hoorebeck, Mark van 
245 10 Law, libraries and technology /|cMark Van Hoorebeck 
260    Oxford :|bChandos Pub.,|c2005 
300    xv, 145 p. :|bil. ;|c24 cm 
440  0 Chandos information professional series 
504    Bibliogr. (p. 129-140) e índice 
520    Introduction. -- a brief history of technological 
       influences on libraries, the role of libraries in society,
       and the aims and objectives of the book What is copyright:
       an introduction to intellectual property rights (IPRs). --
       an introduction to law, an introduction to the 
       intellectual property of intangible products and an 
       introduction to copyright European and American influence 
       on intellectual property and library practices 
       Technological advances in media delivery and the resulting
       library development. -- use of VDU, use of catalogues, the
       Internet and the proposed death of libraries in the 1990s,
       use of eBooks and publishing house strategies The impact 
       of copyright on library practices. -- practical strategies
       for maximum utility of digital technologies, ISSN and 
       archives and the battle for the commodification of 
       copyrights The future of information management, law and 
       libraries. -- the next generation of technology, the role 
       of planning for the future and conclusion 
520 3  Libraries are continuing to evolve as a result of the dual
       pressures of technology and user access. The new digital 
       media forms are enabling librarians to find new methods of
       information delivery. Libraries and librarians need to be 
       aware of the legal ramifications of the new technologies 
       that are available. This book provides an authoritative 
       and practical guide to the subject. Despite the negative 
       prognosis for libraries during the early 1990s in the face
       of digital technology, libraries have proved to be 
       surprisingly resilient, and have begun the long process of
       incorporating digital technologies into their service. The
       legal ramifications, however, always need to be 
       considered. This book does just that. Key Features: Deals 
       with the important and topical ramifications of the law 
       and digital media, with specific focus on the impact upon.
       - and the future role of. - libraries (2) Itprovides an 
       accessible but theoretical base that gradually builds into
       a practical guide for copyright law and the role of 
       technology in libraries (3) It provides analysis of all of
       the current and future technologies and the legal 
       implications (4) Is written from a highly knowledgeable 
       and well-respected practitioner in the field (5) Most of 
       the books written on the topic have been written from a US
       perspective only; this book provides a European and 
       British perspective 
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653  8 Digital media|xLaw and legislation|zEurope 
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653  8 Digital media|xAccess control|xLaw and legislation|zEurope
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