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100 1  Rikowski, Ruth 
245 10 Globalisation, information and libraries :|bthe 
       implications of the World Trade Organization's GATS and 
       TRIPS Agreements /|cRuth Rikowski 
260    Oxford :|bChandos,|c2005 
300    393 p. ;|c25 cm 
440  0 Chandos information professional series 
504    Bibliogr 
520 3  Provides an overview of the World Trade Organisation; in 
       particular, it focuses on two of the agreements being 
       developed at the WTO, which are due to be strengthened in 
       2005, and are likely to have significant implications for 
       libraries and information: the General Agreement on Trade 
       in Services (the GATS) and the Agreement on Trade Related 
       Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS). The book 
       argues that the library and information profession needs 
       to be more aware of these agreements and the way in which 
       they threaten some of the professional ethics and 
       principles (such as the balance in copyright) 
520    Globalisation and an overview of the World Trade 
       Organisation (WTO) - the meaning of globalisation; general
       overview of the WTO. -- The GATS - the agreement itself 
       and the implications of the GATS for the library and 
       information profession; review of various aspects of the 
       GATS as it relates to libraries and information in a 
       variety of different countries; the practical implications
       of the GATS for libraries in the UK (particularly the 
       state-funded provision of libraries). -- TRIPS - the 
       agreement itself; implications of TRIPS for libraries and 
       information (particularly whether TRIPS is essentially 
       about the trading of intellectual property rights). -- The
       knowledge revolution - the author argues that value is 
       increasingly being created and extracted from services, 
       knowledge, information, intangible assets and intellectual
       property rights. Furthermore, that these WTO agreements 
       assist with this process. -- Conclusion: the furtherance 
       of global capitalism through the WTO 
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650 04 Sociología de la cultura 
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653  8 Library legislation 
653  8 Globalization 
653  8 Commercial treaties 
655  4 Aspectos sociales 
655  4 Aspectos económicos 
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