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Título Organic and inorganic low-dimensional crystalline materials : [Proceedings of a NATO Advanced Research Workshop on Organic and Inorganic Low-Dimensional Crystalline materials, held may 3-8, 1987, in Minorca, Baleares, Spain] / edited by Pierre Delhaes and Marc Drillon

Publicación New York [etc.] : Plenum Press, cop. 1987
Ubicación Signatura Tipo de préstamo Estado Notas
 B. Ciencias. Física/Química-Depósito  ICMA 146    PRÉSTAMO LARGO  DISPONIBLE
 B. Ciencias. Física/Química-Depósito  SL 42-48    PRÉSTAMO LARGO  DISPONIBLE
Descripción física XIII, 482 p. : il. ; 26 cm
Colección NATO ASI series. Series B. Physics ; 168
NATO ASI series
NATO ASI series. Series B ; 168
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NATO ASI series. Series B. Physics ; 168
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Nota Publicado en cooperación con NATO Scientific Affairs Division
Bibliografía Referencias bibliográficas por capítulos. -- Índices p. 481-482
Contiene: -- Plenary Lectures: Solid State Crystal Chemistry of 1D Inorganic Chains / Jean Rouxel -- Structures and Properties of Low-Dimensional Metal Complexes / Allan E. Underhill -- Ligand Bridged Mixed-Valency Metal Chain Complexes: Prototype N-Site, N-Electron Systems with Electron-Phonon Coupling / Peter Day -- Electronic Structure of Linear Charge Transfer Solids / Z. G. Soos -- Insulating Magnetic Chains: Ionocovalent Compounds / M. Steiner -- Insulating Magnetic Chains: Recent Models and Materials / Christopher P. Landee -- Magnetic Ordering of MnII CuII Bimetallic Systems: Design of Molecular Ferromagnets / Olivier Kahn -- Exotic Magnetic Systems / Cristiano Benelli, Andrea Ganeschi, Dante Gatteschi, Paul Rey -- Magnetic Phase Transitions in Low-Dimensional Systems / Jean-Pierre Renard -- Chain-Like Magnetic Systems: Non Linear Excitations and Quantum Effects / K. Kopinga, W. J. M. de Jonge -- Ferromagnetic Exchange in Molecular Solids / Joel S. Miller, Arthur J. Epstein -- Theory of the one- and two-Dimensional Electron Gas / V. J. Emery -- Anion Periodicity and Ordering Effects in One Dimensional Organic Conductors / J. P. Pouget -- Magnetic Properties of Bechgaard Salts and Related Compounds Role of the Electronic Localization / Claude Coulon -- Molecular Metals and Superconductors: BEDT-TTF Radical Salts / Dieter Schweitzer, Heimo J. Keller -- Polynuclear Metal Cluster Compounds: A New Chemical Submicron Structure / L. J. de Jongh -- Metal Cluster Active Sites in Proteines / Edward I. Solomon, James E. Pate, T. David Westmoreland, Lung-Shan Kau, Mark D. Allendorf, Darlene J. Spira-Solomon -- Langmuir-Blodgett Films of Donor-Sigma-Acceptor Molecules and Prospects for Organic Rectifiers / Robert M. Metzger, Charles A. Panetta -- Mixed Valence Compounds: Potential Applications in Materials and Molecular Electronics / Jean-Pierre Launay
-- Communications on Molecular Conductors: Dimethyl-Dicyanobenzochinodiimine with Li+, Ag+ and Cu+ as Counter-Ions: New Radical-Anion Salts with Extremely High Conductivity / J. U. V. Schültz, M. Bair, H. P. Werner, H. C. Wolf, A. Aumüller, P. Erk et al. -- Conductive Solids Based on Some New Molecules with Isothiazolo-Rings / G. C. Papavassiliou, G. A. Mousdis, V. Gionis, J. S. Zambounis, S. Y. Yiannopoulos -- Pyridino-Tetraheterofulvalenes and a Few of their Salts / G. C. Papavassiliou, S. Y. Yiannopoulos, J. S. Zambounis -- Systematic Variations of the BEDT-TTF Ring Systems: Synthesis and Physical Properties of New Radical Cation Salts / R. R. Schumaker, E. Dupart, R. Laversanne, C. Coulon, P. Delhaès -- Transfer Integrals in (DIMET)2MF6: Comparison of EHT and CNDO Calculations / L. Ducasse, M. Abderrabba, A. Fritsch, B. Gallois -- Crystal Structure and Physical Properties of a New Conducting Charge-Transfer Salt: (BEDT-TTF)3Cl2.2H2O / D. Chasseau, D. Watkin, M. Rosseinsky, M. Kurmoo, P. Day -- Electronic Excitations in (BEDT-TTF)-Salts / Hans W. Helberg -- Existence of Two Phases in β-(BEDT-TTF)2I3: Proof by Resonance Raman Spectroscopy / R. Świetlik, D. Schweitzer, H. J. Keller -- Resonance Raman Spectra of I−3 in TEDA(Triethylenediamine)I2.5TCNQ and β-(BEDT-TTF)2I3 / André D. Bandrauk, Kim D. Truong, Cosmo Carlone -- Importance of Intermolecular Hydrogen — Hydrogen and Hydrogen — Anion Contacts for the Lattice Softness and the Superconductivity of β-(ET)2X (X− = I3−, AuI2−, IBr2− / Myung-Hwan Whangbo, Jack M. Williams, Arthur J. Schultz, Mark A. Beno -- Synthesis and Characterization of TTF Salts of Planar Platinum, Palladium Nickel and Copper (1,2 Dithiooxalato S,S′) Anions and the Crystal and Molecular Structure of BIS(Tetrathiafulvalenium)BIS(1,2 Dithiooxalato S,S′) Palladate(II) / C. Bellitto, M. Bonamico, V. Fares, P. Imperatori, S. Patrizio -- Fine Structure to the v1 and 2v1 Bands (v1 = v(Cl-PtIV-Cl), the Symmetric Chain Stretching Mode) of [Pt (en)2] [Pt (en)2Cl2] [ClO4]4 / Robin J. H. Clark, Vincent B. Croud -- Correlation of Spectroscopic and Magnetic Data of Two Charge Transfer Compounds of TCNQ with Cationic Copper Chelates / Michael Schwartz, William E. Hatfield -- Counter-Ion Influences on the Electrical Conduction Properties of 1,2-Dithiolene Coordination Compounds / L. R. Groeneveld, G. J. Kramer, T. B. L. W. von Marinelli, H. B. Brom, J. G. Haasnoot, J. Reedijk -- Single Crystal ESR Studies of n-Tetrabutylammonium+Nickel(o-Benzene-Diselenolate)2− and Related Transition Metal Complexes / M. Thomas Jones, James H. Roble, Megh Singh, Toshio Maruo -- ESR of Some M[Pt(mnt)2] and M[Pd(mnt)2] Polycrystalline Complexes / M. Thomas Jones, Joseph M. Patane, Peter I. Clemenson, Allan E. Underhill -- A New Family of One-Dimensional Conductors Derived from Magnus Green-Type Salts [Pt(NH3)4][PtX4] (X=Cl,Br): Class II and III Mixed-Valence Chains in a Double Chain Structure / Jean-Pierre Catinat, Toussaint Robert, Georges Offergeld -- Conductive Materials Based on Rhodium and Iridium Complexes of Carboxyazoles / J. C. Bayón, G. Net -- One-Dimensional Electronic Systems: Metallic and Synthetic Wires / H. B. Brom, G. J. Kramer -- Superconductivity in Rapidly Cooled Gd3Ba3Cu4Oz / D. A. Robinson, A. Morrobel-Sosa, C. Alexander Jr., J. S. Thrasher, C. Asavaroengchai, R. M. Metzger
-- Communications on Magnetic Chains: Dimensional Crossover in the Molecular Ferromagnet Decamethylferrocenium Tetracyanoethenide / Sailesh Chittipeddi, Arthur J. Epstein, Joel S. Miller -- Synthetic Pathways to Low-Dimensional Compounds Containing Transition Metal Ions and Nitroxide Radicals / A. Caneschi, D. Gatteschi, J. Laugier, P. Rey, R. Sessoli, C. Zanchini -- Magnetic Properties of Coupled Lanthanide-Radical Species / Cristiano Benelli, Andrea Caneschi, Dante Gatteschi, Jean Laugier, Paul Rey -- Magnetic Behavior of 1D Helicoidal Chains in Ba7CuFe6F34 a New Kind of Ferrimagnetic 1d System / J. Renaudin, G. Ferey, M. Zemirli, F. Varret, A. de Kozak, M. Drillon -- Magnetic Anisotropy Studies of 1d Bimetallic Ferrimagnetic Compounds / Yu Pei, Michel Verdaguer, Olivier Kahn, Jean Pierre Renard, Jorunn Sletten -- Crystal Chemistry and Magnetic Properties of New Fluorides with Usovite-Type Structures / J. Darriet, Xu Qiang, A. Tressaud, R. Georges, J. L. Soubeyroux -- Design of Low-Dimensional Ferrimagnetic Compounds: New Magnetic Lattices in the “EDTA-Family” / Eugenio Coronado, Antonio Barba, Daniel Beltrán, Ramon Burriel, Richard Carlin -- Low Temperature Investigation of the Thermal and Magnetic Properties of 1-d Ferrimagnetic Systems / Eugenio Coronado, Paul Robert Nugteren, Marc Drillon, Daniel Beltrán, L. J. de Jongh, Roland Georges -- Ferrimagnetism in Homometallic Linear Chains: CuX2·4/3TMSO, X = Cl, Br / C. P. Landee, A. Djili, M. Newhall, D. F. Mudget, R. D. Willet, H. Place et al. -- Magnetism of Quantum-Classical Ferrimagnetic Chains Showing Alternate Heisenberg Coupling: Application to MnCu (Obp)(H2O)3, H2O / J. Curély, R. Georges, J. C. Gianduzzo, Q. Xu, O. Kahn, Y. Pei et al. -- Dimers, Regular and Double Chains in Vanadyl (IV) Phosphates / Gérard Villeneuve, Pedro Amoros, Daniel Beltran, Marc Drillon -- New 1d-Systems Made of Interacting Copper(II) Trimers; Experimental and Theoretical Investigation / M. Drillon, M. Belaiche, J. M. Heintz, G. Villeneuve, A. Boukhari, J. Aride -- Magnetic Behavior of Hydrated Tetrafluoromanganates (III) / Fernando Palacio, Mercedes Andrés -- Structure and Magnetism in Linear Chain Fluoromanganates (III) / W. Massa, J. Pebler, F. Hahn, D. Babel -- Magneto-Structural Correlations in μ-Halo Bridged Copper(II) Chains / D. Beltran, J. V. Folgado, R. Ibañez, E. Coronado, J. L. Mesa, T. Rojo et al. -- Cluster Calculations on the Chain Compound Aqua[N- (Salicyclaldiminato) Glycinato] Copper(II) Hemihydrate / William E. Hatfield, Jeffrey H. Helms, Brian R. Rohrs -- Non-Linear Excitations in the Antiferromagnetic Chain of Rb2Mn1−x FexF5*H2O (X ⩽ 0.50) / Jurgen Pebler, Dietrich Babel -- One Dimensional Excitation Energy Transfer in TMMC and Related Compounds / R. Knochenmuss, H. U. Güdel -- Quantum Energy Gap in the S=1 Heisenberg Antiferromagnet NENP: Experimental Data and Haldane Conjecture / J. P. Renard, M. Verdaguer, L. P. Regnault, W. A. C. Erkelens, J. Rossat-Mignod, W. G. Stirling -- Neutron Diffraction Study of MnRhAs Near TN: The Critical Regime / J. Bartolomé, B. Chenevier, M. Bacmann, D. Fruchart, C. Rillo, R. Navarro et al. -- Reports on Round Tables: New Highly Conducting Systems -- H. J. Keller, A. D. Bandrauk, J. C. Bayon, C. Bellito, R. J. M. Clark, P. Day et al. -- Ferromagnetic Compounds / R. L. Carlin, D. Beltran, R. Burriel, C. Benelli, A. Caneschi, O. Kahn et al. -- Round Table on New Low-Dimensional Magnetic Materials / F. Palacio, E. Coronado, J. Darriet, M. Drillon, G. Ferey, D. Gatteschi et al. -- Round Table 4. Competition between (SUPER)Conductivity, CDW/SDW, (SPIN)Peierls Transitions and Magnetism / H. B. Brom, D. Chasseau, C. Coulon, L. Ducasse, V. J. Emery, H. W. Helberg et al. -- Round Table on Potential Technological Applications / A. Barraud, P. Delhaes, L. J. De Jongh, H. Gudel, O. Kahn, J. P. Launay et al.
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Autor secundario Delhaes, Pierre, ed. lit.
Drillon, Marc, ed. lit.
Organización del Tratado del Atlántico Norte. Scientific Affairs Division
NATO Advanced Research Workshop on Organic and Inorganic Low-Dimensional Crystalline Materials (1987. Menorca, España)
ISBN 0306427834