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245 00 On narrative /|cedited by W. J. T. Mitchell 
260    Chicago :|bUniversity of Chicago Press,|c1981 
300    X, 270 p. :|bil. ;|c23 cm 
500    Índices 
505 8  Contiene: White, H. The value of narrativity in the 
       representation of reality.--Schafer, R. Narration in the 
       psychoanalytic dialogue.--Derrida, J. The law of genre.--
       Kermode, F. Secrets and narrative sequence.--Goodman, N. 
       Twisted tales.--Chatman, S. What novels can do that films 
       can't (and vice versa).--Turner, V. Social dramas and 
       stories about them.--Ricoeur, P. Narrative time.--LeGuin, 
       U.K. It was a dark and stormy night.--Afterthoughts on 
       narrative: Hernadi, P. On the how, what, and why of 
       narrative. Scholes, R. Language, narrative, and anti-
       narrative. Smith, B.H. Narrative versions, narrative 
       theories.--Critical response: Mink, L.O. Everyman his or 
       her own annalist.--Waldman, M.R. The otherwise 
       unnoteworthy year 711.--White, H. The narrativization of 
       real events.--Goodman, N. The telling and the told.--
       Chatman, S. Reply to Barbara Herrnstein Smith 
534    Artículos aparecidos en: Critical inquiry, volume 7, 
       number 1 (Autumn 1980) 
650 04 Análisis del discurso 
700 1  Mitchell, W. J. Thomas,|d1942-,|eed. lit. 
907 00 m|ca|dm|e0|fv0|g020221|h1|i960227 
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