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Título Chemical and physical networks : formation and control of properties / edited by K. te Nijenhuis and W. Mijs

Publicación Chichester [etc.] : John Wiley & Sons, c1998
Ubicación Signatura Tipo de préstamo Estado Notas
 Ciencias.Física/Química-Química Orgánica  CLIP MIS-3    CONSULTAR DEPT  DISPONIBLE
Descripción física XXXII, 540 p. : il. ; 24 cm
Colección The Wiley Polymer Networks Group review series ; 1
The Wiley Polymer Networks Group review series ; 1
Nota Presenta artículos resultantes de la 13th Polymer Networks Group International Conference, organizada por Delft University of Technology y celebrada en Doorn, Netherlands, Sept. 2-6, 1996
Bibliografía Bibliografía por capítulos. -- Índices p. [537]-540
Contiene: INTRODUCTORY PAPER: Rheological Behaviour of Reversible Polymeric Networks-A Brief Review of Theory and Simulation / G. Marrucci & B. Van Den Brule ━ Section 1. THERMOREVERSIBLE AND BIOPOLYMER GELS: Steps to a Deeper Understanding of Gels and Physical Networks / W. Burchard, et al. -- The Gel Time-Theory and Practice / S. Ross-Murphy & A. Tobitani -- Part Played by the Solvent in the Thermoreversible Gelation of Polymers / J.-M. Guenet -- Gelation and Dynamics of PEO-PPO-PEO Copolymers in Water / S. Hvidt -- Gel-Sol Transition of Gellan Aqueous Solutions by Rheology and DSC-Effects of Salts / K. Nishinari, E. Miyoshi and T. Takaya -- Gelation Under Shear: A Dynamic Phase Transition / W. de Carvalho and M. Djabourov -- Characterization of Helical Junction Zones in Gelatin Networks: A Spectroscopic Approach / R. Keller and F. de Wolf -- Structural Studies of Homogeneous Calcium Alginate Gels / B. Stokke, et al. -- Investigations of Cluster Formation in Thermoreversible Networks / T. Geiger & R. Stadler -- Effect of Complex Formation on the Type of Elasticity in PVC Thermoreversible Gels / M. Dahmani, et al. -- Thermoreversible Gel Networks: Example of a New Benzohydroxamic Acid Organogel / P. Terech -- Initiation Mechanisms for Three-Dimensional Photopolymerization of Biodegradable Networks / D. Svaldi, et al. ━ Section 2. FORMATION OF COVALENT NETWORKS: Covalent Networks: Understanding Their Formation, Structure and Properties / R. Stepto -- Control of Network Formation in Free-Radical Monovinyl-Multivinyl Copolymerization / A. Matsumoto, et al. -- Network Formation Accompanied by Microphase Separation / B. Rozenberg & G. Sigalov -- Synthesis and Characterization of Model Macromolecules Including Model Networks Derived from Methacrylic Esters / G. Hild and J. Lamps ━Section 3. CRITICAL GELS: Is Power-Law Mechanical Behaviour Always Obeyed at the Gel-Point Threshold? / M. Ilavsky, et al. -- Polymer Network Formation and Characterization: Gel-Point Determination with Dielectrical and Rheological Spectroscopy / L. Alili, et al. -- A New Approach to the Description of Critical Gels / L. Rogovina & G. Slonimsky ━ Section 4. HETEROGENEOUS GELS: Reaction-Induced (Nano)inhomogeneities in Polymer Networks / K. Duscaron;ek & J. Pascault -- Formation, Structure and Mechanical Properties of Organic-Silica Hybrid Networks / L. Matecaron;jka, et al. -- Network Density in Phases of Crosslinked Binary Blends of Non-Compatible Elastomers and Their Properties / V. Shershnev and V. Yulovskaja -- Analysis of Molecular Orientation in Silica Filled Poly(dimethylsiloxane) Networks / L. Bokobza, et al. ━ Section 5. LIQUID CRYSTALLINE NETWORKS: Structures and Dynamics of Polymer Gels Observed by ¹H NMR Imaging and ¹H PGSE NMR Methods / I. Ando, et al. -- Liquid Crystalline Thermoset Networks by Step Polymerization of Cyanates and Epoxides / W. Mormann -- 3-D Molecular Architectures in Thin Film Liquid Crystalline Networks / D. Broer, et al. -- Network Formation by Chain Polymerization of a Liquid Crystalline Monomer / H. Boots, et al. -- Investigations on Network Formation in Freely-Suspended Films of Ferroelectric LC-Polymers / E. Gebhard, et al. -- An Approach to Network Stabilized Ferroelectric Liquid Crystals / T. Wittig & R. Zentel -- A Light Scattering Study of Phase Separation in Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal Composites / J. Maugey, et al. -- Anisotropic Crosslinked Materials Obtained by In-Situ Photopolymerization of Reactive Mesogens / J. Galan, et al. ━ Section 6. SWELLING OF NETWORKS: Effect of Solvent on Chain Unfolding in Polymer Networks / E. Geissler, et al. -- Thermodynamic and Scattering Measurements on Swollen Polymer Networks / F. Horkay, et al. -- Swelling Dynamics of a Polyelectrolyte Hydrogel in Different Aqueous Media / T. Budtova and P. Navard -- Phase Transitions in Swollen Networks: Swelling in a Single Solvent and in Solvent Mixtures / R. Moerkeeke, et al. ━ Section 7. CHARACTERIZATION OF NETWORKS: Cooperative Binding of Surfactants with Solubilized Polymers and Networks / T. Narita, et al. -- Surface Roughness of Polimer Gels / A. Sukuki, et al. -- The Theory of Viscoelastic Relaxation Properties of Polymer Networks with Interchain Friction and Fixed Average Volume / Yu Gotlib, et al. -- NMR Investigation of Deuterated Polymer Networks Under Deformation / S. Hotopf, et al. -- Correlation Between Rheological Characteristics of Enzymatically Degrading Dextran Glycidyl Methacrylate Gels and the Mobility of Macromolecules Inside These Gels / T. K. L. Meyvis P. Van Oostveldt, et al. -- Index
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Autor secundario Nijenhuis, K. te, ed. lit.
Mijs, W. J., ed. lit.
Polymer Networks Group International Conference (13th. 1996. Doorn, Netherlands)
ISBN 9780471973447