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Título Tomorroẃs chemistry today : Concepts in nanoscience, organic materials and environmental chemistry / edited by Bruno Pignataro

Publicación Weinheim : Wiley-VCH, cop. 2008
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 Ciencias.Física/Química-Química Orgánica  CLIP MAT-30    CONSULTAR DEPT  DISPONIBLE
Descripción física XXVIII, 465 p. : il. ; 25 cm
Contiene: PART ONE: SELF-ORGANIZATION, NANOSCIENCE AND NANOTECHNOLOGY Subcomponent Self-Assembly as a Route to New Structures and Materials -- Molecular Metal Oxides and Clusters as Building Blocks for Functional Nanoscale Architectures and Potential Nanosystems -- Nanostructured Porous Materials: Building Matter from the Bottom Up -- Strategies Toward Hierarchically Structured Optoelectronically Active Polymers -- Mimicking Nature: Bio-inspired Models of Copper Proteins -- From the Past to the Future of Rotaxanes -- Multiphoton Processes and Nonlinear Optics in Lanthanide Complexes -- Light-emitting Organic Nanoaggregates from Functionalized para-Quaterphenylenes -- Plant Viral Capsids as Programmable Nanobuilding Blocks -- New Calorimetric Approaches to the Study of Soft Matter 3D Organization
PART TWO: ORGANIC SYNTHESIS, CATALYSIS AND MATERIALS Naphthalenediimides as Photoactive and Electroactive Components in Supramolecular Chemistry -- Coordination Chemistry of Phosphole Ligands Substituted with Pyridyl Moieties: From Catalysis to Nonlinear Optics and Supramolecular Assemblies -- Selective Hydrogen Transfer Reactions over Supported Copper Catalysts Leading to Simple, Safe, and Clean Protocols for Organic Synthesis -- Selective Oxido-Reductive Processes by Nucleophilic Radical Addition under Mild Conditions
PART THREE: HEALTH, FOOD, AND ENVIRONMENT Future perspectives of medicinal chemistry in the view of an inorganic chemist -- Speeding Up Discovery Chemistry: New Perspectives in Medicinal Chemistry -- Overview of Protein-Tannin Interactions -- Photochemical Transformation Processes of Environmental Significance
Materia Nanociencia
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Química orgánica
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Química ambiental
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Autor secundario Pignataro, Bruno, ed. lit.
ISBN 9783527319183