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245 00 Specification, Algebra, and Software|h[electronic 
       resource] :|bEssays Dedicated to Kokichi Futatsugi /
       |cedited by Shusaku Iida, José Meseguer, Kazuhiro Ogata. 
264  1 Berlin, Heidelberg :|bSpringer Berlin Heidelberg :
       |bImprint: Springer,|c2014. 
300    XXII, 657 p. 115 illus.|bonline resource. 
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490 1  Lecture Notes in Computer Science,|x0302-9743 ;|v8373 
490 0  Springer eBooks.|aComputer Science 
505 0  Domain Endurants: An Analysis and Description Process 
       Model -- On Formal Definition and Analysis of Formal 
       Verification Processes -- CafeOBJ Traces -- Parchments for
       CafeOBJ Logics -- Incremental Proofs of Termination, 
       Confluence and Sufficient Completeness of OBJ 
       Specifications -- The Versatile Synchronous Observer -- 
       Model Checking TLR* Guarantee Formulas on Infinite Systems
       -- Towards a Combination of CafeOBJ and PAT.-Negative 
       Variables and the Essence of Object-Oriented Programming -
       - Reasoning (on) Service Component Ensembles in Rewriting 
       Logic -- Dynamic Validation of Maude Prototypes of UML 
       Models -- Inspecting Rewriting Logic Computations (in a 
       Parametric and Stepwise Way) -- The Semantics of Datalog 
       for the Evidential Tool Bus (Extended Abstract) -- 
       Synthesis of Infinite-State Abstractions and Their Use for
       Software Validation -- Behavioral Rewrite Systems and 
       Behavioral Productivity -- Functional Logic Programming in
       Maude -- Confluence: The Unifying, Expressive Power of 
       Locality -- Foundations for Ensemble Modeling ́㠔he Helena
       Approach: Handling Massively Distributed Systems with 
       ELaborate ENsemble Architectures -- Behaviour, Interaction
       and Dynamics -- Partially Ordered Knowledge Sharing and 
       Fractionated Systems in the Context of other Models for 
       Distributed Computing -- Extending Operation Semantics to 
       Enhance the Applicability of Formal Refinement -- An 
       Institution for Imperative RSL Specifications -- 8k-ary 
       Grid Graph Models of Tabular Forms -- Everlasting 
       Challenges with the OBJ Language Family -- Formal Modeling
       and Analysis of Googlé鳠Megastore in Real-Time Maude -- 
       EHRA: Specification and Analysis of Energy-Harvesting 
       Wireless Sensor Networks -- Some Engineering Applications 
       of the OTS/CafeOBJ Method -- Verifying the Design of 
       Dynamic Software Updating in the OTS/CafeOBJ Method -- On 
       Automation of OTS/CafeOBJ Method -- Mechanical Analysis of
       Reliable Communication in the Alternating Bit Protocol 
       Using the Maude Invariant Analyzer Tool -- Theorem Proving
       Based on Proof Scores for Rewrite Theory Specifications of
520    This Festschrift volume, published in honor of Kokichi 
       Futatsugi, contains 31 invited contributions from 
       internationally leading researchers in formal methods and 
       software engineering. Prof. Futatsugi is one of the 
       founding fathers of the field of algebraic specification 
       and verification and is a leading researcher in formal 
       methods and software engineering. He has pioneered and 
       advanced novel algebraic methods and languages supporting 
       them such as OBJ and CafeOBJ and has worked tirelessly 
       over the years to bring such methods and tools in contact 
       with software engineering practice. This volume contains 
       contributions from internationally leading researchers in 
       formal methods and software engineering. 
650  0 Computer science. 
650  0 Software engineering. 
650  0 Programming languages (Electronic computers). 
650  0 Computer logic. 
650  0 Mathematical logic. 
650 14 Computer Science. 
650 24 Logics and Meanings of Programs. 
650 24 Mathematical Logic and Formal Languages. 
650 24 Software Engineering. 
650 24 Programming Languages, Compilers, Interpreters. 
700 1  Iida, Shusaku.,|eeditor. 
700 1  Meseguer, José.,|eeditor. 
700 1  Ogata, Kazuhiro.,|eeditor. 
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830  0 Lecture Notes in Computer Science,|x0302-9743 ;|v8373 
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