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245 00 Maintaining peace and interstate stability in archaic and 
       classical Greece /|cedited by Julia Wilker 
260    Mainz :|bVerlag-Antike,|cc2012 
300    175 p. ;|c23 cm 
490 1  Studien zur alten Geschichte ;|v16 
500    "The papers presented in this volume originate from a 
       symposium on Maintaining Peace and Interstate Stability in
       the Greek World, held at the Humanities Center at Harvard 
       on May 9th 2009" 
504    Bibliografía 
505 00 |gIntroduction /|rJulia Wilker --|tBuilding community 
       across the battle-lines.|tThe truce in Iliad 3 and 4 /
       |rDavid F. Elmer --|tThe border of war and peace.|tMyth 
       and ritual in Argive-Spartan dispute over Thyreatis /
       |rNatasha Bershadsky --|tThucydides' theory of negotiation
       /|rSarah Bolmarcich --|tWar and peace at the beginning of 
       the fourth century.|tThe emergence of the Koine Eirene /
       |rJulia Wilker --|tPeace, common peace, and war in mid-
       fourth-century Greece /|rPolly Low --|tLegalism and peace 
       in classical Greece /|rPeter Hunt --|tPersian diplomacy 
       between "Pax Persica" and "zero-tolerance" /|rMaria 
650 04 Paz|xGrecia|vCongresos 
651  4 Grecia|xPolítica y gobierno 
700 1  Wilker, Julia,|eeditor 
711 2  Maintaining Peace and Interstate Stability in the Greek 
       World.|nSymposium|d(2009.|cHarvard University) 
927 0  120|bcg|d160115 
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