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Título Magic without magic : John Archibald Wheeler : a collection of essays in honor of his sixtieth birthday / edited by John R. Klauder

Publicación San Francisco : W. H. Freeman and Company, 1972
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 Ciencias.Física/Química-Física Teórica  FT 40.1-WHE    CONSULTAR DEPT  DISPONIBLE
Descripción física XII, 491 p. : il. ; 26 cm
Bibliografía Bibliografía por capítulos. -- Índices p. [487]-491
Contiene: A study of deformation energy surfaces obtained from single particle energies / W. H. Bassichis... [et al.] -- Superheavies-there or not there: to be or not to be? / F. B. Malik -- Approximation methods in the analysis of muonic-atom x-rays / K. W. Ford -- K⁻-mesic atoms and capture in the nuclear surface / S. D. Bloom... [et al.] -- Note on Hydromagnetic expansions / M. H. Johnson -- The electrodynamic double helix / J. L. Synge -- Casimir's asymptotic potential as a perturbation on the electromagnetic vacuum / E. A. Power -- Possibilities of generalizations of the quantum mechanical formalism / P. Jordan -- On the observability of the collision matrix / F. E. Goldrich and E. P. Wigner -- S-matrix and Feynman integrals / T. Regge -- Functional differential equations determining representations of local current algebras / G. A. Goldin and D. H. Sharp -- Superlocal sources / H. Leutwyler -- From Quantized magnetic flux in superconductors to experiments on gravitation and time-reversal invariance / C. W. F. Everitt... [et al.] -- Response of detectors to gravitational radiation from collapsing stars and binary systems / J. Weber and R. W. Clemens -- Nonspherical gravitational collapse - A short review / K. S. Thorne -- Can a Schwarzschild black hole exert long-range neutrino forces? / J. B. Hartle -- Creation of particles and antiparticles in an electric and gravitational field / Ya. B. Zel'dovich -- A contribution to the theory of homogeneous Einstein spaces / I. M. Khalatnikov and V. L. Pokrovski -- Mach's principle / R. H. Dicke -- Thoughts on topology change / D. Brill -- Phase integrals and Poincaré invariants / P. G. Bergmann -- Observables, correspondence and quantized gravitation / A. Komar -- On the nature of quantum geometry / R. Penrose -- Closed loop and tree diagrams / R. P. Feynman -- Problems in quantizing the gravitational field, and the massless Yang-Mills field / R. P. Feynman -- Covariant quantum geometrodynamics / B. S. DeWitt -- Minisuperspace / C. W. Misner -- The anatomy of collaboration / E. F. Taylor
Materia Física nuclear -- Colecciones de escritos
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Wheeler, John Archibald -- hom.
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Autor secundario Klauder, John R., ed. lit.
ISBN 0716703378